Monday, June 1, 2009


Ok...before you roll your eyes & groan hear me out...

I know there has to be what...1000's of MAC item's on eBay & usually they are fakes, dupes...etc but, on a rare occasion you find someone who is selling the real thing! I was lucky enough to find just such a person!

I'm going to call her M. (real name is with-held as this is a public Blog)

M. runs an eBay Store called Makeup Emporium, where she sells a wide variety of MAC Cosmetic's & Brushes. I have made several purchases from her & have never been disappointed!

All of the items come in their real packing, boxes, plastic slips...etc her prices are very reasonable & she does offer combined shipping. Her Customer Service IMNSHO is by far Super Triple A Rated.

All deliveries are well packed & protected. She stays in contact via email with her buyers to make sure they know when an item(s) has shipped out. Most item(s) being shipped the very same day.

However, M also goes that extra step, when she takes the item(s) to the Post Office for shipping she charges only the actual shipping charge...if the amount the PO charges is less then what you paid her...she refunds the difference back to your PayPal Account and sends you an email notifying you of this...YES, you did read correctly...She does not make a profit on any shipping charges! I really couldn't believe my eyes when she sent me such a note. So, I ask you...When was the last time you have ever had C/S like that on eBay?

So, if you are looking for a good deal on Authentic Cosmetics & in this economy...who isn't? I highly recommend M's eBay Store

I will be doing a mini Vid on my Youtube Channel showing the items I have purchased from M's Store within a few sure to watch for it.

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