Thursday, June 4, 2009

Let's Talk Brushes

MAC Makeup Brushes:

So, I have a love - hate relationship with my MAC Makeup Brushes. I have a feeling most ppl who buy them do...LOL. They are probably the best brushes you can use which is where I have my love for them but, they cost so damn much...which is way I hate them.

I'm sure you have seen YouTube reviews, Blog postings & Pics galore of these brushes. This is just one more pic out there on the internet...of mine. at the top of the pic to the left is my MAC Brush Roll, an item I highly recommend to anyone who has a MAC Brush Collection, or is just starting to buy them. I just wish it was bigger, you will find as I have that there just isn't enough space in the Brush Roll to hold all your Brushes...I need to buy another one probably 2 more :(

On the top right of the pic is my MAC Brush Tool-Belt another recommended item. it is great for holding your Brushes while you are applying cosmetics to others. it does hold alot more Brushes then the Roll but, if you choose to store your Brushes that way, it doesn't help to keep them clean from dust & dirt in the air & you will have to deep clean them more often, plus I am a smoker so I prefer not to leave my MAC Brushes out to the air.

These Brushes are a few of the ones I purchased from M's Makeup Emporium on eBay (I talked about her store in a prior posting) The #184 & #179

Sorry that the images aren't clear enough to read the Brush numbers, for some reason I just can't get enough clarity from the pictures & I can't figure out how to turn the flash off. That's probably why I haven't gotten a web-cam yet...I'm to damn electroniclly challanged...LOL

The following is a list of all the MAC Brushes I do own:


109 - Small Contour Brush
116 - Blush Brush
129 - Powder/Blush Brush
129 - Short Handled Powder/Blush Brush
131 - Lg Duo Fibre Flat/Chisel Brush [LE Colour Craft Collection]
134 - Large Powder/Bronzer Brush
136 - Large Powder Brush [LE]
138 - Tapered Face Brush
150 - Large Powdered Brush
162 - Cropped Contour Brush (DC)
165 - Tapered Cheek / Highlight Brush
168 - Angled Contour Brush
169 - Synthetic Angled Contour Brush [LE Raquel Welch Collection]
179 - Lg Flat Oval Body Buffer Brush (DC)
180 - Synthetic Buffer Brush (White) (DC)
181 - Mini Buffer Brush [LE Twisted Collection]
182 - Buffer Brush (Kabuki)
183 - Flat buffer brush
184 - Duo Fibre Fan Brush (Pro)
187 - Duo Fibre Brush
188 - Small Duo Fibre Face Brush
189 - Face Brush
190 - Foundation Brush
191 - Square Foundation Brush
192 - Cheek/Face Brush (Pro)(DC)
194 - Small Concealer Brush
195 - Large Concealer Brush


102 - Brow Comb Brush (DC)
201 - Sponge Tip Brush w/Replacement Tips (DC)
202 - Sponge Tip Brush (what the #201 became without the replacement tips) (DC)
204 - Lash Brush (Spooly Brush)
205 - Mascara Fan Brush (Pro)
206 - Brow Brush (DC)
207 - Fan Brush (DC)
208 - Angled Brow Brush (Small)
209 - Eye Liner Brush
210 - Precise Eye Liner Brush
212 - Flat Definer Brush
213 - Fluff Brush
214 - Short Shader Brush
216 - Blending Brush
217 - Blending Brush (White)
219 - Pencil Brush (White)
222 - Tapered Blending Brush (Thin Crease Brush) (White)
223 - Synthetic Tapered Blending Brush (Thin Crease Brush)[LE Raquel Welch Collection]
224 - Tapered Blending Brush (Crease Brush)
225 - Large Tapered Blending Brush (DC)
226 - Tapered Blending Brush [LE BBR COLLECTION][LE CC Collection]
227 - Large Fluff Brush
228 - Mini Shader Brush
231 - Small Badger Shader Brush
236 - Mini Shader Brush
239 - Eye Shader Brush (White)
242 - Small Shader Brush
246 - Lg Paddle Shader Brush
249 - Lg Shader Brush
252 - Lg Flat Shader Brush
255 - Med Square Shader Brush (Pro)
259 - Lg Square Shader Brush
263 - Small Angled Brush (Synthetic Fibre)
266 - Small Angled Brush (Natural Fibre)
269 - Medium Angled Brush
272 - Small Angled Shader Brush (White)
275 - Medium Angled Shader Brush
279 - Large Angle Shading Brush (Pro)(DC)


306 - Synthetic Lip Brush
311 - Lip Liner Brush
316 - Lip Brush / Covered Brush
318 - Retractable Lip Brush
321 - Lip Brush / Covered Brush (DC)

Well...that's it for my Brush Story. If there is a perticular MAC Brush from my Collection that you would like to see a pic of let me know, I'll do my best to post it.

My next Blog is going to be about my new Summer Favs for Nail Polish..oh BTW the colour polish I'm wearing in the Brush pics is Neon Flying Dragon part of the New Summer Brights Collection from China Glaze...Stay Tuned :)


  1. I am trying to find out more about the square shadow brush, Ive seen one by mac and smashbox and would love to know more can you help?


  2. If you ever decide to get rid of some of those dicontinued ones, I'm so game.I'm dheartsmac on livejournal. Keep being fierce girl!

  3. #201, #236, #255, if you can post pictures of these brushes that'd be great!!